Great Tasting Pork Crackling, Delectable Nuts and Fabulous Fudge

All Robert’s Dorset products are made to order on site in Dorset, providing customers with only the freshest produce and bespoke selections.

Robert Parkin, founder of Robert’s Dorset comments:
“We’re a passionate team here at Robert’s Dorset and we’re experts at creating tasty snacks in a wide range of moreish flavours. We’re a proud family-run brand and have come far when we think back to when we were creating our hand-made snacks from our modest kitchen back in 2011. As a brand, we are led by quality and flavour. We’re for everybody, whether you like classic tastes or are a bit more daring, have allergies or are vegan, Robert’s Dorset is for all”.

The Robert’s Dorset products are suitable for a wide range of dietary needs, such as gluten free, sugar-free, vegan, 100% keto friendly and allergen free. All with the same great taste.

Robert’s Dorset can supply you with:
• Proper Pork Crackling – triple cooked with incredible crunch and available in 11 flavours. No MSG or Artificial flavours.
• Proper Pork Crackling Natural Triple Zero – the first non-HFSS Pork Crackling. Containing no sugar, no salt, and no carbs, while still providing ‘full-on pork flavour’ and the Robert Dorset’s trademark crunch.
• Yummy Peanuts – grade AA nuts, ethically and sustainably sourced and available in 13 flavours.
• Delicious Cashews – grade AA nuts, ethically and sustainably sourced and available in 12 flavours.
• Fabulous Fudge – 100% British and available in 15 flavours. Cream based and Gluten-free. Two vegan varieties also available.

Robert’s Dorset products come in a range of different pack sizes and packaging options to suit all retailers. Choices include small and large re-usable pots and jars, as well as recyclable bags and pouches, offering environmentally friendly solutions for traders across Europe.

Robert’s Dorset are proud to supply many stockists throughout the UK. These range from a modest solo operator shop to pubs, bars, restaurants, butchers, farm shops and more.

Contact Robert to find out more: 01202 875280,,