Punch Invests In Publicans With Effective Best In Class Workshops

This training is absolutely excellent and I would recommend it highly for those wanting to refresh their learning and get new ideas to improve their business,” are the words of Punch Publican Jeanie Redshaw from the Loyal Trooper in Sheffield after she attended a sales and service workshop, specially developed by Punch’s in-house training team.

Taking place from March to May, the Best in Sales Workshops saw 150 Publicans, from Punch’s Falcon division, take part in a series of practical and interactive sessions.

The workshops encourage Publicans to deliver outstanding hospitality, embrace the notion of upselling and merchandising whilst ensuring their pubs are at the heart of their communities by exploring opportunities to welcome community events, groups, societies and sports teams, for example, into their pubs.

The small, focus group style workshops allowed Publicans to share ideas with each other and explore Punch’s ‘BEST’ practice principles: Because we care; Every customer, Every time; Sell it your way; Together we can. Punch’s recognised ‘Service Principles’ and ‘Because We Care’ framework were communicated to all Publicans, with each team pledging to deliver heartfelt hospitality, look for opportunities to grow sales and work as a team to establish their pub as the heart of the community.

Sara Clamp, regional operations director for Punch’s Falcon division, said: “The Best in Class Workshops help us to communicate our ‘BEST’ practice principles to our dedicated Publicans and their teams and encourage them to take the ideas and implement them into the day to day running of their pubs. The feedback has always been incredibly positive, with the Best in Sales sessions proving no different. The content is robust and encourages teams to adopt a collaborative approach to growing sales and delivering the very best customer service, every time.”

Jeanie Redshaw from the Loyal Trooper in Sheffield said:This training is absolutely excellent and I would recommend it highly.  I think we do get complacent sometimes and this has really helped to refresh what we already know, plus give us lots more ideas to improve the business.  We have passed many of the learnings onto our staff.”

The Best in Class Workshops will continue with a Best in Social Media Workshop throughout June and July offering insight and advice on how Publicans can be more effective and engaging with customers on social media.