Qhotels Extends Mentoring Programme To Apprentices And Graduates

A new mentoring programme for apprentices and graduates taking their first steps into the hospitality industry is being rolled out this summer by QHotels.

The 26-strong venue group already operates a mentoring programme as part of its successful Foundation Degree Management Trainee Programme. This is now being extended to incorporate apprentices and graduates, as well as the QHotels Future Leaders programme for senior managers throughout the group.

The extensions to the mentoring programme follow a recent QHotels Event Profs Panel event held in conjunction with the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA), where mentoring – and mentoring training – were identified as issues impacting people development within the events industry.

Mentoring for around 30 new apprentices and more than 20 graduates across the group begins in August. In addition, around 60 managers and future leaders within QHotels will also be assigned mentors.

Lisa Redding, Group Resourcing Manager at QHotels, said: “Mentors are important at any stage of your career, but the personal and professional support of a good mentor is particularly valuable in the first few years of your working life.

“We already have mentoring in place for our Foundation Degree Programme, as well as more informally across our hotels, so the logical next step was to extend it to our award-winning apprenticeship scheme, as well as our graduate and management development programmes.”

To help tackle the issue of mentoring training, potential mentors across QHotels will attend a specially-designed one day course, where they will identify what makes a good mentor, and understand the differences between mentoring, coaching and managing.

“Good mentoring benefits the mentor as well as the mentee,” said Lisa Redding. “It’s a skill that has as much to do with personality and empathy as the skills we normally associate with coaching and managing.”

Jeannette Karim Deen, Human Resources Manager at QHotels, said: “Being a mentor for four years has been very rewarding. It has given me the opportunity to share my experiences and to guide others, and watching my mentees grow from a junior team member to a manager is fantastic. I couldn’t be more proud of what I get to be a part of.”