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QSR Automations Announces Opening of London Innovation Room

 QSR Automations, the leading worldwide kitchen automation and guest management solutions provider for the hospitality industry, today announced the opening of its new innovation room located in Ganton Street, London.

Centrally located, this facility is designed to showcase premier smart restaurant management solutions to QSR’s customers and potential clients to include ConnectSmart Kitchen and DineTime, the industry’s leading restaurant automation technologies, that have transformed the management of restaurant operations since 1996.

“We’re excited about our continued expansion in London and were fortunate to have found a location in SoHo,” said Lee Leet, founder and CEO of QSR Automations. “With the addition of this innovation room, restaurant operators will have a customised and hands-on experience with our software and hardware offerings. This location offers easy access, but also provides a way for operators to grasp the technology’s impact on their operations before committing to working with us. We want our clients to be comfortable with the technology, and this is the best way to do so,” says Leet.

According to Statista, the statistics portal that pulls from more than 22,500 sources, restaurants in the U.K. have seen a steady increase since 2010 and the number of food establishments, including mobile food service offerings stood at more than 85,000 by the end of 2017. Operators of those food businesses are finding that restaurant technology can transform operations, to gain a competitive advantage. Exploration of these transformative technologies are made easier for London’s restaurant operators through access to QSR’s new innovation room.

“This investment reinforces our commitment to improve the dining experience, whilst helping operators use technology to become more successful and enhance the guest experience. By placing the innovation room in the heart of London’s restaurant & cultural center, operators can personally see a hardware setup, use the software, provide feedback, and get operational advice from the global leaders in restaurant management solutions,” said Ashley Sheppard, vice president of sales, who identified the innovation room as a catalyst for QSR Automations’ continued growth and success internationally.

For more information about QSR Automations visit www.QSRAutomations.co.uk

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