Quadranet have been on a project to promote Restaurant intelligence. Intelligence is the collection of information to advance business. Covers have been the one measure used in restaurants for years, but now many more measures are available to management.

Our booking system not only counts the number of covers booked, but from what source and by which promotion, including social media. We also give information on diners spend and items consumed.

We let restaurants talk to their customers through a generic app, alternatively an API is available to use in the restaurant’s own app. Loyalty, discounts and push notifications are all pushed through the app. Our restaurants prefer to think of members rather than customers.

Inhouse efficiency is also important. Rising staff costs must be countered by better efficiency. We have a time and attendance model that records hours. These hours can be compared to takings. Also, kitchen screens not only increase kitchen efficiency, but calculate the sum of standard minutes for dishes produced, compared to actual hours paid.

Covid has accelerated the move to customers placing their orders on an app or website. Pay at table is also offered to diners who have little time, especially at lunch, and don’t want to wait for the credit card machine at the end of their meal.

Disparate facts on their own, become intelligence in the new reporting suite combining monetary, time and resource measures to take your winning business to the next level.

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