A passion for food, premium design and a love of spending time outdoors with family and friends is what brought Quan to life, so why not reward yourself with the lifestyle you deserve and start turning entertaining into an art form?

A Quan fire plate lets you cook a vast variety of delicious, mouth-watering foods of various types, shapes and sizes with truly fabulous results and because it is able to create different heating zones, the hot plate allows you to control the speed of cooking and prepare food to your specific taste and timing. This is essential for cooking outdoors as it ensures that your food is sealed on the outside, helping to retain all of its natural juices and flavours, culminating in a healthy gourmet experience unlike any other.

Not only that, as the beautiful and fascinating centre piece of any party or family gathering, a Quan can help bring a sense of togetherness, allowing you to enjoy all the fun and laughter that sharing the good things in life brings.

And don’t let yourself be limited to only cooking outdoor during the summer months. The seasons may come and go but with Quan, the possibilities for entertaining are limitless and you will soon appreciate the benefits of outdoor cooking throughout the entire year.With an appetite for life and a hunger for living, make your every moment precious and invest in a Quan.

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