As in most situations of life, the first impression counts. This is also true when entering a hotel room as a guest. Our first scrutinizing look often focuses on the essential element of every hotel room: the bed. That is no surprise, since this is where guests spend several hours during the night. Therefore, quality and cleanliness of the bed linen has a decisive influence on the customer experience. However, hygienically clean is usually not enough. For many hotels, immaculate linen is a key requirement as holes and stains in the linen can easily overshadow an otherwise pleasant guest experience.

The problem: Inaccurate quality controls

Laundry and hotel staff often work under great time pressure. Stains and holes are often only discovered by the hotel guests, thus leaving a lasting negative impression of the received service.

The solution: Quantex by Kannegiesser
Quantex offers automatic, end-to-end quality control of flat linen on Kannegiesser ironer lines. The scan system checks every piece of linen and guarantees highest quality, individually tailored to the needs of each hotel or restaurant. It sorts out flawed pieces of linen and enables quick delivery at the same time.

State-of-the-art camera technology mounted on the folding machine detects stains, holes, worng alignments and wrinkles on both sides of every piece and automatically separates rejected items. Quality criteria can be determined individually for each type of linen and each customer, thus guaranteeing optimally customized quality. The scanning system reduces the workload in quality control, speeds up the feeding process, and lowers the error rate.

Quantex at a glance:
1. Precise hole detection for single and multi-layered pieces
2. Reliable stain detection
3. Real-time detection of wrong alignments and wrinkles
4. Optional disregard of item areas
5. Clear, intuitive user interface
6. Comprehensive statistical evaluation for each criteria

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