Want to buy foie gras online, but concerned about animal welfare? Foie Royale is the ethical, luxurious alternative.

Foie Royale is an ethical alternative to foie gras.We ethically raise duck and geese that are bred for their meat. Our birds are raised on high welfare farms enjoying freedom to roam from an early age and are naturally fed.

We do not force feed to encourage an engorged liver, instead we use their normal healthy liver to produce Foie Royale, the luxurious pate that rivals the taste and texture of foie gras.

Working with several renowned research institutions including DIL,The Institute of Food Technology, the complex question of how to combine the bird’s natural liver with its fat to make a product as good as Foie Gras was solved. Using modern technology Foie Royale was created.

The result is a product that has the same texture, melt in the mouth feeling and flavour as foie gras that can served straight from the fridge or cooked in a variety of ways.

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