Re’al – Inspired By and Created for Mixologists

Inspired by and created for mixologists. Re’al infused syrups scour the globe to source the most pure and authentic falvours. Every product contains up to 40% pure blended fruit with all natural cane sugar, creating a product which is perfect for the professional cocktail bar.

We know that a drink is only as good as its ingredients, we hold everything that goes into our Re’al products to a standard of freshness and quality that is unmatched within the industry. Our dedication to creating authentic falvours truly knows no bounds or borders.

The only way to truly understand how Re’al is revolutionizing cocktails for the mixologists and consumers alike is to experience it for yourself. So go enjoy a drink made by Re’al, it will change the way your think about cocktails, Cheers!

For more info call 01283 217703 or visit

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