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Reduce Waste with BeerTech

beertech-logo-3Beertech’s Jimmy Comerford is a “keen advocate” for reducing waste, with over 5,000 pubs signed up to the Flowmaster system, Jimmy explains:

Why FlowMaster?

• Increase profit by selling wasted beer
• Improve beer quality for your customers
• Save time by cleaning on a 3 week cycle
• “Maintain a good quality product

We now have almost 5,000 pubs benefitting. Greene King alone having installed almost 900 pubs in 2007/8 and continued installing in new acquisitions since then and having recently acquired a major group have just invested in the installation of a further 10,000 FlowMaster units in 900 pubs.

They certainly would not have invested if they could not have achieved a financial gain from installing FlowMaster.

All FlowMaster users now clean on at least a 3 week cycle and sell the beer that would have otherwise been “wasted increasing their profits from day one.”

Visit www.beertechuk.com for further information.

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