Restaurants Asked To Serve Up Charity Meal-For-Meal Deal

A MANCHESTER social enterprise is calling on the nation’s eateries to donate a plate.

Foodinate, which aims to create a sustainable impact on food poverty, is asking restaurant owners across the country to offer a meal-for-a-meal deal to help the homeless.

Basically, when a customer chooses a meal marked with the Foodinate logo from a participating restaurant’s menu, a plate of hot food is served up to a homeless person by a pre-selected charity.

The cost of the donated meal is covered by the restaurant.

To date, the not-for-profit organisation’s scheme, which was launched in Manchester, has been backed by some of the city’s favourite establishments including George’s Dining Room and Bar – owned by Ryan Giggs.

But the company is keen for many more food establishments to join the venture.

So far, 8,000 hot meals have been provided to people across Manchester but founder of the scheme, Caroline Stevenson, wants the initiative to be rolled out nationwide.

She acknowledged the need for her venture, after seeing people begging on the streets in the UK – the world’s seventh richest country.

“Homelessness is still a major problem in Manchester so I wanted to create a sustainable impact on this issue and that’s exactly what Foodinate aims to do,” she said.

“All restaurants need to do is choose a few options from their menu to include in the campaign, which are signposted by our small menu icon, to support us in our quest.”

Restaurants who sign up to the initiative, can expect to attract new customers, boost their customer loyalty and increase their higher-margin sales.

Ryan Giggs said: “Foodinate has been a success. We really liked the simplicity of the concept from the outset and we are proud to be one of the first restaurants to sign-up to it.

“If you own a restaurant and you’re wondering what you can do to help your communities – this would be a great way to help.”

The public have been showing support for restaurants backing the campaign. Helen Turner from Bolton said: “It’s such a great idea – I hope some of the bigger chains sign up to this!” while Jamie Driver from London commented: “They’ve clearly found a solution to assist in reducing food poverty whilst bringing a commercial advantage to businesses.”

Last year, Foodinate won the RBS and Entrepreneurial Spark 2016 ‘Boost a Business award’, beating 800 other businesses to the prize – and Caroline even got the opportunity to meet Leonardo DiCaprio.

Any businesses interested in signing up to the Foodinate campaign, can contact for more information.