It’s spring and across the nation pubs and bars are starting to clean and prepare their beer gardens and outdoor areas ahead of the returning summer climate. Whilst performing this annual task, now is a great time to take stock of your barware before the summer season begins. Here, at Alliance Online we aim to highlight the various areas you may want to upgrade and what options are available to you.

Bar Fridges
One of the most overlooked of all the large bar equipment is your bar fridge and it may be getting tired and not working as well. The first thing we’d recommend is cleaning your bar fridge and continuing to do so weekly. Regarding your Spring stock take, the first area you want to inspect closely is the seals surrounding the doors. Broken seals can cause heat to escape from the main cavity meaning your fridge then needs to use more electricity to maintain its internal temperature. With rising electricity costs, it is within businesses best interest to check the state of bar fridges as they could end up costing you more.

Should you consider completely replacing your bar fridge we’d recommend models from Sterling or Blizzard. Both are well known within the catering industry, specifically for their range of refrigerators.

Mixers and Stick Blenders

Following on from fridges we come to mixers and blenders. The first aspect you will want to review is the blades themselves. Are they robust and sharpened as any fault in the blades could cause problems mid-shift which could present problems at a less than favourable time. It is also worth checking the motors which spin the blades ensuring they are free of debris and free from any blockages. Always instil in your staff after use practices like cleaning and washing of the device to prolong the service life of the equipment. When looking for new options Hamilton Beach have become a staple within the industry.

Now is a perfect time to take stock of your glassware. Firstly, go through and check if you need to replenish any of your glasses. Despite commercial glassware’s durability breakages still occur and whilst we are still not quite in the Spring to Summer socialising period it’s good to place orders for any replacements you may require.

Whilst doing this process you can also review your current glassware and decide whether you want to replace any ranges you have with more modern or themed glasses in line with more recent trends. With rum and rum based cocktails beginning to boom tiki glasses are great for serving such drinks due to their more fun and outlandish style. Equally, decorative crystal cut hiball tumblers are always a favourite for serving cocktail drinks as they highlight the vibrant colours.
Staying with cocktails, the design of your glass can accentuate the drinking experience. So, why not review your more specialised ranges of stemware to opt for a more unique style? Martini, margarita, gin goblets, hurricane and coupe glasses all have iconic shapes but can all benefit from a touch of individuality. One such range we’d recommend to create stunning showstopping drinks is the Hayworth range from Utopia.