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Revolutionary Pub App Gr8niteout Launches

An innovative app for pubs/bars that benefits both the business and customer is now available on free download, allowing anyone, wherever they may be, to spend money at local pubs at the tap of a few buttons safely and securely.

Gr8NiteOut is a new app which enables savvy pub goers to buy credits for their friend, spouse or family without stepping foot in the establishment. A friend’s birthday, family celebration, an impromptu gathering – you can still be there in spirit and buy a round, a meal or even an overnight stay for your favourite people.

The app and interactive website essentially opens a complete new revenue stream for pub owners that they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to, at no extra cost.

There are also several added benefits for publicans that sign up to Gr8NiteOut, including the ability to collect and use valuable customer data to drive repeat business. As well as the details of the purchaser and receiver, publicans also collect significant anniversary dates which 170 therefore provides ideal opportunities to create extra streams of revenue.

Having worked in the pub industry for over 30 years, Sheila has experienced the highs and lows of making a living in a pub and understands the struggles that publicans go through to market an establishment at an affordable price.

As Sheila explains: “The driving force for me has been to design and create an app that benefits both publicans and their consumers. Having worked in the industry for a long time and now owning my own pub, I know how to attract and retain customers. I also know how to extract money into the till, but it started to dawn on me that we could increase our revenue streams considerably if we could find a 100% safe and reliable way of tapping into the pockets of those that may want to share a great night out without having to be physically present or within a hundred miles of the pub!

Visit www.gr8niteout.com to register.

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