The UK has left the EU but in this transition period, the need to make thorough and consistent Right to Work checks and keep appropriate records of those checks remains essential. Until 1st January 2021, Right to Work checks on EU employees aren’t due to change. After that date, compliance may become more complicated. The current dual immigration system – one for EU and another for non-EU citizens – looks likely to disappear and new immigration categories are being created, for example, the ‘EU settlement scheme’ which grants ‘settled’ and ‘pre-settled’ status.

How can you prepare?

•Run a full Right to Work audit

Check you have current and up-to-date proof of Right to Work for all employees, all identity documents are still valid and you’re storing records correctly. Run any necessary follow up checks.

•Review your policies

Ensure offer letters and contracts explain Right to Work policies clearly and would support any contractual changes you might need to make based on any future changes to legislation.

•Consider additional Right to Work support

A growing number of organisations use electronic solutions to support Right to Work checks, regardless of the circumstances of the candidate.

AT TrustID, we update our Right to Work service automatically as legislation changes and it’s backed up 7 days a week by our expert helpdesk team. So, you don’t need to train your staff to be Right to Work experts or retrain them on legislative changes when the UK leaves the EU.

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