Rise of takeaways in England puts strain on public health, says CIEH

Following figures released by Cambridge University’s Centre for Diet and Activity Research (Cedar) indicating a rise in takeaways in England, Tony Lewis, CIEH’s Head of Policy, said:

“The rise of fast food outlets in deprived areas not only contributes to heath issues, putting a further strain on the NHS, but has also for a number of years been squeezing out alternative food retailers.

“While takeaways form an important part of the local economy, the accelerated growth of them highlights the failure of planning teams, especially in the more deprived areas, to consider the public’s health before granting consent.

“For the sake of the nation’s health and wellbeing, we want to see all levels of government work together to encourage a more diverse local economy and recommend planning applications for fast food outlets close to schools and children’s playgrounds should be refused on public health grounds.”