S.Pellegrino Launches The 4th Edition Of Its Young Chef Competition

S.PellegrinoRecognising the transformative power of gastronomy, the latest edition of S.Pellegrino’s international culinary competition searches for the next generation of young chefs using their unique culinary skills and personal vision to drive positive social impact

The impact of gastronomy is being felt way beyond the kitchen. Those at the cutting edge of the culinary scene are pioneering its use as a device for social impact and change; and as a long-term partner of the greatest minds in culinary excellence, S.Pellegrino truly believes in this, the transformative power of gastronomy.

Recognising this, S.Pellegrino has announced the return of S.Pellegrino Young Chef, a global culinary competition that will facilitate access to the gastronomy community, enabling young talents to demonstrate their personal belief.

“This landmark fourth edition of S.Pellegrino Young Chef represents the genuine commitment of S.Pellegrino to continue developing an initiative that truly nurtures the future of gastronomy. “says Stefano Marini, Director of Sanpellegrino International Business Unit. “We are committed to supporting the international gastronomy community by nesting, discovering and promoting the next generation of culinary talent, enabling it to demonstrate their personal belief leveraging the transformative power of gastronomy”

Applications for this edition of S.Pellegrino Young Chef will open from February 2019 and, for the first time, there will be three additional awards on top of the Title of ‘S.Pellegrino Young Chef’. These awards will give a voice and will be a platform to different young chefs, recognising their varied beliefs and approaches to the way gastronomy can play a role in transforming society. The four awards are as follows:

Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thoughts Award: Voted for by the online Fine Dining Lovers community – this award will be for the young chef who best represents his/her personal belief within his/her dish.

S.Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility: Voted for by an internationally recognised voice on Sustainability in food – this dish will represent the principle that food is best when it’s the result of socially responsible practices.

Acqua Panna Award for Connection in Gastronomy: Voted for by mentors who represent 50 countries around the world – the winning dish will be the one that reflects a connection between different cultures on the plate, celebrating a global approach to gastronomy.

And finally, the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Award: Voted for by the esteemed panel of Seven Sages – this winning chef must demonstrate unrivalled technical skills as well as genuine creativity. He/she will have also displayed a strong personal belief about Gastronomy, that will convince the Jury about his/her ability to become a catalyst for positive change.

The winners of S.Pellegrino Young Chef’s awards will be presented with the extraordinary opportunity to gain global visibility and a significant professional prestige. The winners will also be invited to take part in several of the S.Pellegrino’s high-profile annual events that take place all around the world, including events related to future Young Chef competitions.

Applications for S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2019/20  opened on February 4th, 2019 at Sanpellegrino.com and will run until April 30th 2019. Follow us on www.sanpellegrino.com and www.facebook.com/SanPellegrino/