Designed specifically for Hospitality, Amenity Warehouse have launched their ‘Safe Distance’ signage range.

By focussing on a safe distance message, they won’t go out of date – even if government distancing rules change again!

With a choice of SIX colour options now available on the shelf,AW don’t believe that social-distancing signage needs to look so industrial.

Their extensive range addresses the opera- tional needs of hotels, restaurants and bars – including queue management, guest move- ment and customer reassurance.

Aside from floor stick- ers for receptions, the most popular items for hotels appear to be Elevator Signs (£8.74 for a pack of 10) that advise customers not to share lifts.These can be paired with ‘stairs this way’ sig- nage to guide guests towards the stairs when needed.

Restaurants and Bars can use their Table/Seat Not In Use range (£3.58 for a pack of 10 stickers or £4.32 for a pack of 10 tent cards) to manage their seating area, without resorting to the dreaded yellow and black tape!