Sales Of Paper Straws Overtake Plastic Straws

, Sales Of Paper Straws Overtake Plastic StrawsThe tide appears to be turning in the fight against waste pollution in respect to plastic straws as paper straws outsold their plastic counterparts last year, according to data from Manchester-based catering equipment supplier Stephensons..

The statistics, for the period July 2017 to March 2018, display a continued drop in the sales of plastic straws from Stephensons.

However, there has been a steady increase in the sales of paper straws, with paper sales surpassing those of plastic in March 2018. This marks a growth of 777% for paper straws during this period.

Stephensons managing director Henry Stephenson said: “This data really reflects a seismic shift in the buying ideology of operators and consumers. Sustainability and environmental credentials have quickly become integral factors in our industry and I think it’s fantastic.”

The data also shows an increase in demand for PLA (polyactic acid) straws, another environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Stephenson added: “These changes in operations are clearly a response to growing concerns on the ecological effects of plastic waste, as highlighted by the BBC’s recent Blue Planet series and a number of high profile news stories of wildlife harmed by improper plastic disposal.

“The noteworthy results from this data work as a positive landmark to reflect that and, ultimately, they are a sign of where the industry is heading as a whole. Eyes in the hospitality trade are firmly set upon a more sustainable future and we will all work towards that.”


, Sales Of Paper Straws Overtake Plastic Straws


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