Sarcoidosisuk’s South West Quiz Raises Awareness And Funds For Rare Disease

St Austell Brewery helped SarcoidosisUK raise over £3,600 following the South West leg of the charity’s National Quiz competition.

The event, which featured a pub quiz, charity auction by Heart FM’s James Dundon, an appearance by Cornwall’s X Factor hero Benji Matthews and a disco by the Brewery’s own, legendary DJ Lenny B, raised a total of over £1,800 on the night, match funded by the British Lung Foundation to hit the impressive sum of £3,600.

Organiser Andrea Rowe was thrilled to be able to announce the final figure, commenting, “What a fabulous evening and what an incredible amount raised. Thanks so much to St Austell Brewery and Deb Ruston in particular for their generosity and everything they put into this event, without which we certainly couldn’t have raised the amount that we did. This was a massive step towards raising awareness of our debilitating condition. I’ve had so many people message me to say that they had not heard of it before the event but will now continue to talk about it to others, so what a fantastic achievement!”

Sarcoidosis – also called sarcoid – is a condition where cells in your body clump together to make small lumps called granulomas. These can develop in any part of the body but are most commonly found in the lungs and the lymph glands which drain the lungs. They can also affect the skin, heart, nervous system, liver, spleen, muscles, nose, sinuses and eyes. When gathered together, they can seriously affect the body’s ability to function.

Sarcoidosis affects people in lots of different ways and can affect people of all ages, commonly affecting adults in their 30s or 40s. The NHS estimates that sarcoidosis affects around one person in every 10,000 in the UK.

SarcoidosisUK is the UK’s only charity raising awareness of and funding research into Sarcoidosis. Quizzes were planned across the UK, from Scotland to St Austell, with teams going head to head and vieing for the title of SarcoidosisUK National Quiz 2018 Champions.

All funds raised from the SarcoidosisUK National Quiz, auction and raffle will go toward ground-breaking new research which could provide the world’s first ever treatment for Sarcoidosis and the hope of finally finding a cure. SarcoidosisUK have a partnership with the British Lung Foundation (BLF) meaning every pound raised through the event is doubled.


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