Sat Bains Leads Social Media Blackout For World Mental Health Day

SatBainsOctober marks World Mental Health Day (10th October), and celebrity chef Sat Bains will temporarily suspend his personal social media channels for one week to raise awareness around mental health issues in the industry and the wider world, as well as allowing time for personal reflection, and is hoping to encourage fellow chefs across the UK to do the same.

Each chef involved will purchase a green ribbon badge – the international symbol for mental health awareness – from the Mental Health Foundation with all proceeds going towards the charity’s vital work which includes focusing on finding and addressing the sources of mental health problems.

At 10am on 10th October 2018, participants including Paul Ainsworth, Richard Corrigan, Helena Puolakka, Dan Doherty, Mark Birchall, Lisa Goodwin-Allen and Andrew Fairlie will post selfies wearing the green ribbon and signing off their personal channels for the week (full list of participating chefs below).

Sat commented: “Social media has become such a massive part of all our lives with the average Brit checking their phone as much as 28 times a day. It’s great way to see what my industry colleagues are up to, who’s been eating where and, of course, it plays an important role in driving business to our restaurants.

“However, many studies have shown a strong connection between social media and people’s mental health and I think we should all give ourselves a bit of a break away from the online world, taking the time to reflect on our own mental health and considering the wellness of others.

“Many people in our industry struggle with mental health issues and I want to do what I can to raise awareness and to encourage those battling with mental health issues to speak out. Taking a week-long break from social media is not a big ask for any of us, but if my fellow chefs and I can make any kind of difference and raise awareness for the amazing charities that help people, such as MIND and the Mental Health Foundation, then I will feel that we have achieved something positive.”

#worldmentalhealthday2018 #timetochange

Other participating chefs include:

  • Adam Reid
  • Athinagoras Kostakos
  • Ben Tish
  • Billy Wright
  • George Blogg
  • Jack Layer
  • John Lawson
  • Josh Eggleton
  • Mark Jarvis
  • Matt Tebbutt
  • Matt Worswick
  • Michael Carr
  • Mike Reid
  • Niall Keating
  • Simon Gregory
  • Simon Hulstone
  • Steve Groves
  • Tom Booton
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