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Screach Extends Free BT Sport Offer For Another 1,000 UK Pubs

Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach

Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach

A FURTHER 1,000 UK pubs and clubs will be able to receive the free BT Sport Screach Lite service to help increase sales after cloud-based communication and entertainment platform Screach and BT Sport announced an extension of the original offer following unprecedented demand from UK licensees.

The announcement comes as pubs and clubs across the UK snapped up the first 1,000 free BT Sport Screach Lite packages, in just five weeks at a rate of up to 70 per day.

The Screach Lite service is available completely free of charge to all BT Sport Total customers, and is designed to help licensees drive footfall and sales through their existing TV screens. This extended offer will see a further 1,000 BT Sport Total customers able to sign up to the package which includes free equipment and installation worth £299, delivering a combined saving of £755 in the first year.

Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach, said: “Licensees clearly understand the benefits that Screach can offer by supporting venues to increase profitability by using their existing TVs to share their messages such as food and drink promotions or special events. The extended installation offer means that not only are they receiving a totally free service, there’s no equipment or installation charges either – and, as Screach uses existing TV screens, there are no costs at all to the licensee for this service.

“With such high demand we are delighted, alongside BT Sport, to be able to offer free installation to a further 1,000 pubs and clubs.”

By installing a Screach box into the venue, BT Sport Total customers will have access to an hour long channel of regularly updated content that includes, BT Sport highlights, and all other main televised sporting events whether free to air or pay TV. Up to 24 bespoke venue adverts and promotions, national and local community adverts along with news headlines and weather information.

Bruce Cuthbert, BT Sport’s director of commercial customers, added: “It is great to see so many of our customers choosing to benefit from Screach’s unique service and with this announcement  even more will now have the opportunity to take advantage of the extended free offer.

“BT Sport is all about great sporting content which drives occasions, footfall and customer spend. Our partnership with Screach builds upon this by giving our customers the digital tools to help themselves further drive profitability at their venues through Screach’s high degree of functionality, flexibility and wealth of content available.”

The Screach service is simple to setup and use – a Screach smart box is installed in the venue and connected to existing broadband, TVs and AV network, similar to the installation of a BT Sport or Sky box. It works the same as normal TV, showing entertaining and engaging content on screens to draw customers’ attention where landlords then display their own adverts and promotions helping drive footfall and sales.

For more information on Screach, please visit www.screach.com

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