Fleming Howden are long renowned for sourcing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of bakery ingredients and yeast products. Our focus is on delivering the latest bakery technology and product innovation, and providing excellence to the bakery industry.

We have an extensive range of high quality food ingredients, bakery ingredients and bakery supplies. We continuously review our range to ensure we provide you with the newest and most exciting products available on the market.

Fleming Howden are thrilled to be launching a new frozen product into the UK food service market. Scrocchiarella is the perfect answer to the global consumer demand for healthy, high quality snacking and on-the-go food.

Scrocchiarella derives from the Italian word scrocchiare – used to describe something very crispy – and is a unique combination of selected traditional flours, sourdough and natural ingredients, ideal for easy and quick consumption.

Sourdough is the key ingredient for Scrocchiarella , ensuring a superior flavour and a memorable aroma to the final product, with a crunchy crust and an open crumb structure. Every piece is hand made, so you will not find two that are exactly the same.

We spend more than 30 hours preparing a single Scrocchiarella, so it takes less than 10 minutes from frozen to prefect service at the table.

Scrocchiarella Frozen maintains the same features of the traditional artisan process: long maturation, spreading by hand, a constant result of texture, flavour and crunchiness.

The final result is a light, crunchy and easily digestible product that delivers total consumer satisfaction, time and time again.