Sector Can Lead On Drink Driving Initiatives, Says ALMR

ALMR-logoThe ALMR has responded to the launch of the annual THINK! Drink driving campaign by reminding customers not to drink and drive and praised the work of industry-led drink drive schemes.
ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “We fully support the Government’s message that there should be a zero-tolerance approach to drink driving. Drink driving is, rightfully, not socially acceptable but venues still need to focus their attention on designated driver schemes and remind their customers not to drink and drive.

“We should also remember that the majority of accidents are caused by drivers who are well over the limit. The chief problem continues to be a relatively small core of problem drinkers who flout the law regardless of the limit and the real task is getting the message through to those individuals.

“The constantly-evolving nature of licensed hospitality means that pubs cater for non drinkers and designate drivers more comprehensively than ever. Pubs have expanded their soft drinks ranges and placed greater emphasis on non-alcoholic cocktails. Pubs and bars are safe and supervised environments in which to drink and that includes the promotion of responsible habits regarding drink driving. We are best placed to lead on this issue and pubs and bars do good work promoting best practice. The ALMR also supports Coca Cola’s designated driver scheme and we have worked with them for years to make the initiative as attractive as possible to ensure our customers act responsibly and remain safe.”