Sector Reforms May Be Undone By Red Tape

ALMR-logoLicensing reform has helped stimulate and transform the sector, but progress must not be lost to red tape, says the ALMR.
ALMR Chief Executive will give evidence before a House of Lords Select Committee inquiry into the Licensed Act 2003.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The 2003 Licensing Act has been a powerful catalyst for innovation across the licensed hospitality sector. The Act sought to provide freedom and flexibility for pubs and bars and it has allowed businesses to present a food and drink offer which attracts a broader range of the public at different times during the day, evening and into the night.

“The Act has empowered police and, in the short term at least, helped reduce red tape that has permitted businesses to innovate and flourish.

“However, successive reforms since its implementation have added new controls and powers which are in danger of undermining the original objectives of the Act and ignoring the benefits of the successful partnerships we have built with communities. We look forward to discussing this further when we provide evidence to the House of Lords on 18th October. “