As the UK’s hospitality businesses prepare for the busy summer months ahead, many are now looking at the ways they can operate more sustainably and, by doing so, reduce their carbon emissions in the process.

However, the demands of the nation’s hospitality businesses, from pubs and hotels through to restaurants, need a reliable fuel source which can also support their bespoke business requirements.


Introducing Calor Futuria Liquid Gas
Calor Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) is a sustainable fuel made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials.
From providing an instant and controllable flame, needed to create mouth-watering meals, to offering the versatility for central heating and hot water requirements right through to even heating swimming pools, Futuria Liquid Gas is the fuel source hospitality business can trust.

Available in a 100% blend, Futuria Liquid Gas can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 86% (kgCO2e/kWh) when compared to using heating oil and up to 80%1 compared to conventional LPG. For businesses keen to demonstrate their reduction in carbon emissions, the Green Gas Certification Scheme ensures traceability of all Futuria Liquid Gas delivered to, and used up by, our hospitality customers while also highlighting the amount of CO2 saved.

Storage solutions for everyone
Hospitality businesses keen to maximise outdoor spaces for al-fresco dining over the summer (and even winter months) can often be deterred by the installation of unsightly storage tanks. At Calor, our above and below ground storage options mean we can either discreetly install a storage tank in a quiet corner or completely out of sight underground.

For pubs and bars currently using LPG through a different supplier, Calor can work with you to make the switch to Futuria Liquid Gas with minimal disruption. Also, as Futuria Liquid Gas is chemically identical to LPG, there is no need to change any existing LPG products such as LPG boilers.

The future with Calor
As part of its commitment to offer its customers 100% sustainable energy solutions by 2040, Calor is taking steps to encourage all of its hospitality customers to make the switch to Futuria Liquid Gas – helping to support pubs and bars across the UK deliver on their sustainability goals for today and tomorrow.

To find out how Calor can help you reach sustainability targets, visit