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Sheppy’s Launches Apple’ing New Cider In Time For Summer

All of the flavour and none of the cider-effects, introducing Sheppy’s new Low Alcohol Cider with Raspberry. Landing just in time for the warmer weather and peak cider season, the world-renowned Somerset cider brand has captured summer in a bottle with the launch of its new low alcohol cider. Available exclusively from Sheppy’s webshop in 500ml bottles, RSP £21.50 for 12 bottles, it’s perfect for those looking to enjoy the flavours of cider without the alcohol.

Crafted on the Sheppy’s Cider Farm to have the same flavour profile as Sheppy’s classic ciders, the new low alcohol variant is made using a carefully selected blend of Somerset’s finest traditional and dessert cider apples and pure raspberry juice, but has an ABV of just 0.5%. The deliciously refreshing drink combines the crisp, fruity taste of apples with the sweet, tangy flavour of raspberries to deliver an exquisite option for those looking for a low-alcohol drink without compromising on taste.

Furthermore, as with all ciders with fruit in its range, Sheppy’s makes a point of using pure fruit juice to avoid an overly sweet taste and there isn’t an artificial flavour in sight. Plus, the new thirst quencher is naturally gluten-free and vegan friendly too.

As one of the oldest cider makers in the world, Sheppy’s knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect blend using traditional cider-making techniques and the new Low Alcohol Cider with Raspberry is sure to make for a ‘berry’ good start to British summer time.

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