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Silent Pool Gin’s Intricately Realised Series

Silent Pool Gin have always focused on quality, individuality, and uniqueness when it comes to their gin. Attention to detail is key, from sourcing the best bo-tanicals, to taking care and attention at each stage of distillation, right through to hand sealing every bottle that leaves the distillery and makes its way to gin drinkers around the world. ‘Intricately Realised’ represents our journey.

A new series of events will see Silent Pool Gin work in partnership with different brands and producers whose approach and commitment share these key core values. From silk makers to men’s grooming experts, audio specialists and ra-re tea distributors, the series will celebrate those who look for quality and who spend time hand crafting superior products, which become coveted by those in the know.

Each event will see a collaboration producing a unique and intricately realised product. Stu Bale, Head of Innovation at Silent Pool Distillers, will also create a bespoke cocktail representing the partnership between the two companies.

The first of the series will see Silent Pool Gin collaborate with Blenheim Forge in Peckham to produce a bespoke pairing knife for creating the perfect G&T garnish.

Stu Bale’s bespoke cocktail for this first collaboration takes inspiration from the heat, smoke and fire of the Blenheim forge, combining tastes and flavours to produce a unique and complex cocktail.

The Blenheim features Silent Pool Gin alongside Octomore whisky and a Lap-sang Souchong Cordial using tea from the Rare Tea Company. Served straight up in a cocktail glass and garnished with a flamed orange zest, it captures the atmosphere and feeling of standing in the forge where artisans Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner are hard at work.

Visit www.silentpooldistillers.com for details.

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