Simpleas Mince: The UK’s First Retail Meat Substitute Made From 100% Peas

At a time of growing consumer demand for non- soya, sustainable meat substitutes, Norfolk company Novo Farina Ltd is launching Simpleas Mince, the UK’s first retail meat substitute made entirely from peas. The product ticks all the “good” boxes: vegan, gluten- free, high in fibre, high in protein, non-GMO, soy-free.

In trials, consumers have been excited by the great texture and endless recipe possibilities: Simpleas Mince can be used in family meal favourites including Bolognese sauce, chilli, lasagne and cottage pie.They also responded positively to the single ingredient labelling (100% peas) and the long shelf-life – a bonus for consumers in these times of retail stock uncertainty. Simpleas Mince has a RRP of £3.99 for a 150g pack. It is also available in bulk direct from Novo Farina Ltd. Please email for more information and pricing.

Dr Chris Harrison, Managing Director, commented “Our mission is to elevate the humble pea to help consumers enjoy delicious meat-free foods as part of a healthy diet. Peas are widely used by the food industry as a key protein source but as an additive rather than the star of the show.We are working hard to change that!”

A predicted 1 million people are planning to take part in Veganuary 2021 and 20% of consumers are reported to be choosing a flexitarian diet as part of a healthy lifestyle and are increasingly looking for UK-produced, sustainable products that can be easily incorporated into their current eating habits. Simpleas Mince is perfectly positioned to be just such a product.