Village Fete © Cinders Barbecues 2019
Village Fete © Cinders Barbecues 2019

The appeal of a barbecue is powerful and potentially very profitable. Cinders Barbecues are probably the best known British manufacturers with thirty five years’ experience so their pointers to barbecue catering is definitely worth considering;

1) Invest in the UKLPG Code of Practice 24, pt3, (Use of LPG at Commercial Catering Events) from . ‘Cinders’ were the barbecue specialist contributors and it is what every event Safety Officer has in his back pocket.

2) If you will be mobile, consider joining The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS), the trade association for independent caterers with over 6000 members. They provide caterers with the information, systems and support to be safe, legal and profitable.

3) Barbecue staff should hold Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering certification. This course can be bought online for as little as £20 or provided by your local council.
4) Get your operation passed by a local authority Food Safety Officer who will check for compliance with legal requirements and rate it under a scheme in partnership with the Food Standards Agency. Don’t delay on this.

5) Control the operation as a profit centre. Keep start-up costs tight by relying heavily on your kitchen and your chef for food preparation, wash facilities and remember to factor in the extra staffing. Raise prices to cover the extra costs, but keep hotdogs affordable for the kids.

6) Theming an event is definitely the best way to advertise through social media, but don’t put customers off by insisting they all dress like pirates! Keep it moving and keep it fun and success is guaranteed, -whatever the weather!

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