Smallest Rugby Club World Cup Event Supports The Need For A ‘Level Playing Field’ For All Talent In Hospitality Today

Hospitality firm launches charity sporting competition to bring together talent from all walks of life to acknowledge and showcase the wealth of

Olympic swimmer and talent ambassador at EP Business in Hospitality, Kate Haywood, is spearheading the launch of a unique charity sporting competition that will see talent from every walk of life compete on a rugby pitch where everyone is equal.  The Smallest Rugby Club World Cup is a celebratory, festival-inspired tournament, which has been announced as part of a big campaign drive to give all talent a chance to shine, regardless of educational background, social status, wealth, age, gender or indeed industry sector.

The special one-day event will take place in October 2019 with a total of 16 rugby teams competing from across the country and is the only event of its kind, created solely in support of developing undiscovered and unrepresented talent today.  In response to the challenges of living in a digital world, the ongoing skills crisis and the lack of trust and culture present in the workplace today, the event is pivotal to breaking down the barriers associated with ‘what constitutes talent’. Celebrating grass roots rugby and core values, the event also recognises the need for people to reconnect and build trust in an environment that accepts all talent.

Kate Haywood, at EP explains: “On the rugby pitch, everyone is on a level playing field, which is seldom the case in business today.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, banker, doctor, plumber or a teacher, or whether you have a PHD, a Diploma or not a single GCSE to your name; talent is talent and everyone deserves the opportunity to progress and to change their life.”

The tournament itself will be hosted by EP Business in Hospitality and was founded by Racal Decca RFC back in 2015 to bring the world of business and sport together in a bid to showcase the talent and skills transition from sport to the corporate world.

CEO of EP Business in Hospitality, Chris Sheppardson, is an avid campaigner for bringing talent to the forefront in business today, he added: “We are fortunate to have over 28 Olympic and sporting athletes working with us with the sole aim of nurturing young talent. This event really highlights something we believe in.  The business world needs help; there is a lack of trust in leadership and a lack of learning and development invested in teams.  As a society we are feeling the pressure and the rise in cases of mental illness supports this theory.  We believe that staging the Smallest Rugby Club World Cup provides a great platform to showcase that talent really is talent, but in a fun and enlightening way.”

Raising money for The One & All Foundation (a charity which aims to make a difference to aspiring talent by breaking down barriers), the fun-filled family event will also be attended by many professional athletes and will focus on the prospect of building new relationships and friendships on an equal footing, all in the name of talent.

Teams interested in participating in the event can contact Kate Haywood for more information by emailing: