Hop Software recently launched a new addition to its ever-growing hospitality focused products; Hop Shop, an online click and collect delivery platform is helping hospitality and restaurateurs through lockdown.

Hop Shop can be accessed from the business web- site via Hop PMS allowing hospitality businesses to set-up a collection or delivery service. Hop Shop also is available through our newly launched app.

The Smart Order Time feature ensures ultimate safety for both staff and customers, allowing customers to choose a convenient and safe time for collection or delivery.

Now more than ever, guests are opting for a contactless service from restaurants and hotels. Hop Shop has already helped many hospitality businesses find additional revenue streams.

Richard Drummond owner of McKays Hotel, Bar & Restaurant, Pitlochry says;“Hop Shop has been a great addition to our operations. Guests continue to use the app and enjoy ordering food via their mobile, directly to their rooms and homes.As the current situation develops, Hop Shop has diversified our business and opened a new revenue stream.”

For a demo of Hop PMS and Hop Shop, please email: SharonSmith@hopsoftware.com