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‘Something Else’: Utensil Washer At The Professional Kitchen Is Fast And Efficient

The Professional Kitchen is a new idea in catering: a central production unit that specialises in supplying healthy, nutritional meals to nursery schools.  Operating from its purpose-built facility near Basildon, it is already supplying 1,000 meals a day and is looking to expand to 2,500 or more.  All of which creates a huge amount of dirty pots, pans and utensils.  To cope with the cleaning, The Professional Kitchen has installed one of Winterhalter’s new UF Utensil Washers.

PHCC handled the project.  “They told us during the design process that arguably the utensil washer is the most important piece of kit we would buy – if it stops, the whole kitchen stops,” says The Professional Kitchen’s managing director Jonathan Player.

The UF is a dedicated utensil washer that is both fast and effective.  Amongst its new features are VarioPower technology, which allows the wash pressure to be individually adjusted, depending on the items being washed and the degree of soiling; a special wash arm design, which gives more power and coverage; and customised washing programmes. Together they ensure every item is thoroughly cleaned.
Other new features of the UF machines include redesigned foldable doors giving staff clear access to the interior of the machine, making it much easier to load and to clean.

In a busy CPU speed is essential. The UF can wash up to 64 racks per hour, depending on the wash programme.  “It needs to keep up the pace – the UF’s wash cycle is really fast,” says Jonathan.  “Things come in, get washed, get dried, get out again – it keeps the kitchen flowing.  We’re really pleased with it.”

Winterhalter is the only catering equipment manufacturer to offer a carbon footprint label, which is verified by The Carbon Trust.  It means buyers can easily see exactly how energy efficient their warewasher will be, and how much it will cost to run.  Winterhalter’s UF Series is equipped with a power-saving standby mode, which ensures that no unnecessary costs are incurred when the machine is idle. An energy-saving function manages the boiler temperature so that, during the subsequent wash cycle, the machine is able to reheat the boiler to the target temperature quickly.

Given the volume of food prep at The Professional Kitchen it’s no surprise that the utensil washer they have chosen is the biggest in Winterhalter’s UF range, the UF-XL.  Its customer-specific software means it can be tailored to the individual site’s washing requirements – for example, a programme’s parameters, such as water pressure, temperature and time, can be adjusted to suit anticipated levels of soiling.  The high pressure wash system not only ensures a more hygienic wash, but also prevents wash arm jets getting blocked.  The sophisticated wash water filter system maximises the ‘life’ of wash water, and minimises consumption, whilst constantly monitoring quality, and replenishing as necessary, to ensure the best results. The cold water pre-rinse, which is initiated at the touch of a button, prevents residues getting baked on and stuck by warm water. Touchscreen controls make operation simple – even for staff who have limited English – while the foldable door makes access easy. The UF-XL accepts racks of 1305 x 672mm.
For more on The Professional Kitchen visit www.theprofessionalnurserykitchen.co.uk
For more on PHCC visit www.phcclimited.co.uk

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