Sports Have Huge Impact on Sales in Pubs

cgi-reportA MatchPint and CGA report finds that whilst the Premier League leads the way in total value to pubs, other sports have a much bigger impact on sales when isolated against the Premier League. In some instances a one off event can be worth the equivalent of three Premier League days.

The report has also identified a huge variation in drinking behaviour and demographics across sports and tournaments.

The investment required by pubs is increasing, and with no signs of slowing do the returns follow suit? The newest Premier League TV rights agreement has cost Sky and BT an average of £10.2 million per game – the overall cost has risen by a staggering £2.1 billion since 2013 and prices are now at an all-time high.

It has always been clear that football dominates the UK sports market, a thought supported by 53% of all 10 million searches made on MatchPint being for football. However, there is mounting pressure on both publicans and broadcasters to make the most of the large opportunities presented by other sports. Now over 85% of publicans show a wide variety of sport in their premises.

MatchPint and CGA Strategy partnered up, in a genuine market first, to analyse how sales data correlates with what sports and competitions. With an aim to establish for the first time the actual benefit of showing live sport to pubs and in the wider UK on-trade.

This has enabled us to provide an in-depth report covering the value of football, rugby union, boxing and Superbowl 50.


  • Football, and specifically the Premier League, is the biggest driver of sales in the On Trade. The average pub saw incremental sales of over £30k
  • Other sports had a larger one-off impact – the Superbowl saw incremental sales of £1,000 and the Rugby World Cup saw uplifts of 47%
  • Fans of different sports differ greatly – for example the average Boxing fans spends 15% more per visit than a Football fan