Startle Signs Agreement With BBC For Nationwide Popmaster Pub Quiz

Leading providers of disruptive technology solutions, entertainment services and interactive music tools, Startle International Limited, has signed an agreement with the BBC to take its PopMaster quiz to pubs nationwide.

The brainchild of Startle’s Head of Music, Phil Swern, and BBC Radio 2 presenter Ken Bruce, the PopMaster Quiz is the UK’s most popular music quiz, enjoyed by 8.2 million people every week-day morning on BBC’s Radio 2. The agreement will see Startle roll PopMaster out to pubs across the country as an interactive nationwide pub quiz in which each partaking venue will compete simultaneously against one another.

Michael Lawrence, Director of Startle Quiz comments: “The technology we have developed to enable multiple venues to play against one another during a quiz has been in the making for a few years. A trial run was rolled out at a number of pubs and after some fine tuning, including adding new features, we’ve created a product we are really proud of and one that has so far been received really well.

“By integrating Startle Jukebox, PopMaster Quiz and Digital Signage platforms, the interactive nature of what we offer means the traditional pub quiz has been transformed into something more suitable for today’s tech savvy audience.”

The PopMaster Quiz is a fully digital offering, with pre-prepared questions and an automatic digital scoring system, meaning customers can enjoy the quiz whilst alleviating added pressure for bar staff. The option to play against other pubs throughout the UK allows for a bigger prize for the winning team and in turn encouraging more pub-goers to join in.

Startle’s Head of Music, Phil Swern comments: “It’s great to see how far PopMaster has come in the last 15 years. I really believe that the technology we’ve developed will revolutionise the pub quiz.”

“This agreement with the BBC will allow us to extend the UK’s most listened to quiz to allow a much wider audience to participate and I’m excited to continue to think up new questions for the nationwide PopMaster.”

BBC Radio 2 presenter and PopMaster quiz master Ken Bruce said of the agreement: “It has been a real pleasure working with the Startle team, since we first developed the interactive nature of PopMaster for Children In Need in 2014. During this time, I have seen the technology develop into something that never fails to deliver a good time.”

“We only have two people competing on the radio show each day, but there are millions who are participating in their homes and offices around the country.  What better way for them to join in than down at their local pub.”