The return to work in the post-lockdown hospitality sector presents many challenges. Staysafe Visor addresses one very important issue…

When the true scale of the unfolding crisis of COVID-19 became appar- ent to leading UK plastics manufacturer 1st Packaging Limited, the compa- ny’s response was swift. Specialising in the large scale production of die-cut P.E.T for products in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and med- ical sectors since 2002, they not only recognised the urgency with which PPE would be required across the country, but crucially, had the capacity

and agility to switch their production to essential PPE.

StaysafeVisor was created as a specialist subsidiary operation and across one weekend in April, its team created the necessary tools to manufac- ture high volumes of protective visors.The first week of production deliv- ered 65,000 units (a number that has since risen to more than 250,000), the bulk of which went straight to frontline healthcare workers.

Managing Director Clive Hawkins explains:

“Some fantastic efforts were made by small producers in the early days of the crisis, but a clear shortage of PPE meant there was an urgent need for the situation to be addressed by specialists in large-scale manufacture. We hold high stock levels of raw materials, have a strong supply chain, and by making the products directly available to organisations and end-users, were able to ensure swift delivery and keep costs as low as possible.”

Initial orders for Staysafe Visor came almost exclusively from the health and care sectors, but as the extent to which the pandemic would impact every aspect of working life in the UK was laid bare, the company received a much wider range of enquiries.The value of visors as a primary element of PPE is well illustrated by the Faculty for General Dental Practice who state that ‘A full-face visor will reduce the amount of exposed skin on the face and neck that may be subject to splash or droplet contamination.’

Clive Hawkins continues:

“As lockdown is relaxed to allow economic activity to resume, employ- ees in a broad range of service industries where social distancing is not always possible, require protection. In the hospitality sector particularly, where masks are not always appropriate, a visor can preserve the human touch and still offer a high level of protection to the wearer and cus- tomer.We produce a range of BSI CE-certified visors which protect against splashes, droplets and sprays, can be easily cleaned and are com- fortable to wear.The visor doesn’t just protect – it helps to inspire cus- tomer confidence and that’s going to be a key factor in helping business to regain momentum.”

As bar, kitchen, security, waiting and other support staff prepare to resume service in a post-lockdown hospitality industry, Staysafe Visor offers available and affordable protection that offers the following features:

• Full face protection from liquid droplets, sprays and splashes (visor is 314mm wide x 240mm long)

• CE-certification
• Optical-grade clear recyclable 300micron P.E.T for clarity • Soft medical-grade foam headband
• Adjustable non-elasticated strap to prevent slippage
• Printed white label area to identify user
• Anti-fog
• Suitable for use with prescription glasses and face masks • Disposable and recyclable