Sundeala have been manufacturing in the UK since 1898 and we are now proud to offer a wide range of products to help you create physical partitions and keep environments hygienic and safe.

Our Sundeala FR Safe Push Door Plates are 100% coronavirus free in 5 minutes and are designed to be attached to doors with no-screw fixings making them easy to remove after use. Safe Push Door Plates require no clean- ing and are fantastic for reducing the spread of viruses from high touch door surfaces.

Available in 7 subtle shades, we can create bespoke sizes to fit any door and supply each pack of Door Plates with adhesive tabs to ensure easy installation.

Our Sundeala SD Safety Screen is an environmentally friendly safety screen, perfect for encouraging social dis- tancing in high foot fall environments to help prevent viral spread via droplets or aerosolisation.

Sundeala SD Safety Screens are made from 100% recycled paper fibres and are highly porous as well as being extremely durable and robust.They are a practical, environmentally friendly way to assist with social distancing and can be pinned with informational and/or decorative posters, signs and paper.

Many products in our Covid Compliance range including Safe Push Door Panels and SD Safety Screens are made using our Sundeala FR Board.

After undergoing ISO 17025 compliant laboratory testing we are delighted to reveal that our Sundeala FR Board (used extensively in circulation spaces, corridors and other high-footfall areas) is shown to be 100% safe from viral transmission from contact with the surface and 100% coronavirus free throughout after 5 minutes of infection, making it completely safe to touch, cut, sand and recycle.

Sundeala FR Board is manufactured in the UK from UK waste materials.There are no imported carbon emissions and our process is zero waste with any ‘seconds’ or off-cuts going directly back into the machine.We do not use any VOCs during the manufacturing process so there are no harmful chemicals that might leech into the air. Sundeala notice boards protect the environment outside while improving the environment inside.

Along with being 100% recycled and 100% recyclable in the UK, our FR board is fire rated to BS EN 1350101 Class B meaning it is inherently fire retardant, unbeatably durable and proudly British.

For any more information or to find out how we can safeguard your spaces, contact our sales team on 01453 708689 /