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Sunny Days = Great Business

We’ve waited a long time for summer 2023 to start.

Make the most of pent-up demand for pub gardens and outdoor hospitality. Create a profitable outdoor space!
Outdoor Drinking

Is your venue all set for long summer afternoons and evenings with customers enjoying a drink or two? Do you have different areas for drinking versus dining? Outdoor bar height tables and stools can add capacity easily without taking up much more space. Optimise walls with bar height shelves and stools seated to them if space is tight. If your venue is more traditional, add some old barrels for drinkers to stand to.

Outdoor Dining
If you’re catering outdoors this summer, do you have enough of the right furniture to suit your customers and the food you serve. Can you add more tables, chairs, benches or picnic tables to your outdoor space? Lightweight tables and chairs are ideal for flexibility, being movable to accommodate different size groups. If you are tight on space, you could line walls or fences with bench seating and put pedestal tables to form dining sets.

Outdoor Lounging
Outdoor lounge furniture encourages a longer dwell time, higher spend and a more premium experience. Does your outdoor space allow for outdoor lounge furniture? Choose lightweight outdoor sofas and armchairs with weatherproof cushions for a flexible lounge seating set up.

Shelter & Shade
Sun or rain, we never know what the British summer time will bring. Ensure you have plenty of parasol umbrellas for shade and don’t let rain stop play with weatherproof shelter provisions.
With so many outdoor shelter options available, it is easier than you think to incorporate outdoor shelter to your garden areas.

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