No more grubby, tatty, sticky, greasy menus.

We’ve all done it, we’ve all handed a customer a menu that really isn’t as clean and tidy as it should be.

You’d never give a customer a chipped cup or plate, let alone one that’s dirty. Would you?

So why do it with a menu?

Well, now you don’t need to. Ever again.

Our SuperTuffMenus® solve this problem. You can wash them every day in hot, soapy water, spray them down with sanitiser…they just go on and on, and in great nick. Probably outlasting your prices (presuming you update your prices at least once every couple of years..).

As well as always being clean, they’ll save you money too- because you’ll need fewer, less often! They last more than x10 longer that a conventional, card, laminated menu. We’ve reduced menu costs for some by as much as 70%!

SuperTuffMenus® are guaranteed to stand up to wine, beer, hot tea and coffee, fizzy drinks, ketchup, mayo and even blood, sweat and tears…

Seeing is believing. Sign up for a free sample and find out more at