Survey Reveals Tripadvisor Is Most Influential When It Comes To Choosing A Restaurant

A survey has revealed that more consumers than ever use and trust online review sites and social media for recommendations on where to eat, both at home and while travelling. Tripavisor’s latest survey examined the impact of today’s most popular digital marketing channels and what factors influence diner decision making.

The survey also found that diners, both locals and travellers, use TripAdvisor as a restaurant discovery site with the majority of respondents stating they have opted to dine at a restaurant as a result of a TripAdvisor ranking, review, rating or award.

The survey revealed that:

  • The vast majority (87%) of UK respondents reported basing a dining decision off of an online review, with 52% noting they have been influenced by restaurant photos.
  • Over 87% of UK respondents reported that TripAdvisor dining content has influenced them to try a new restaurant.
  • 64% of UK respondents said they prefer to use TripAdvisor to choose a restaurant while at home, and 70% of respondents noted they use TripAdvisor when looking for a place to eat while travelling
  • 95% of UK respondents said that TripAdvisor provides the most accurate restaurant reviews – compared to just 2% for Facebook, and 3% for Google
  • 90% of UK respondents said that TripAdvisor had the best selection of restaurant photos, compared to Yelp, Google and Facebook
  • 94% of UK respondents indicated that they have read a Management Response to a TripAdvisor review, with 80% noting that they found it helpful