Sustain, The BBPA’s Green Packaging Partnership, Delivering Big Savings To Members

Sustain, the BBPA’s Sustainable Packaging Partnership, has grown from strength-to-strength, with the latest estimates indicating the scheme has delivered big savings to members, of £251,000 in its second full year of operations, in 2016.  Added to 2015, total savings are now running at £530,000.

The BBPA established the Sustain Drinks Packaging Partnership in 2014, as a not-for-profit scheme, and to counter the volatile impact of Packaging Waste Recycling Notes (PRNs) on the industry’s costs. The scheme has increased transparency in an opaque market and has promoted recycling across the sector.

Savings per company amounted to between 11 and 16 per cent, depending on their procurement strategy and blend of materials used in packaging. Sustain expects to deliver a similar level of savings for its members in 2017.

Sustain has also achieved full compliance on-time without any issues, and successfully passed an Environment Agency audit where processes, systems and functionality were all approved.

Membership of the scheme is not restricted to BBPA members – there are now 23 members including five new members in 2016, from the BBPA and WSTA membership.

Andy Tighe, BBPA Policy Director, comments:

“In just two years, our unique not-for-profit compliance scheme, Sustain, has delivered great savings for members, and we are confident of further savings, this year. We would encourage more companies to join the scheme and it is open to the wider drinks and hospitality industry.

“It is a great example of how trade associations can deliver real savings to members, and there is also clear evidence that our scheme has driven down prices, even for non-Sustain members who benefit from more competitive prices from alternative sources.”