Sustainable & Cost-Effective Hot Water Is Achievable Today

Hotels and restaurants typically exhibit significant, but varied, hot water and heating usage patterns, which contributes to the current 40% tally of UK greenhouse gas emissions generated by the built environment.

To help achieve climate-neutral building stock by 2050 the industry is being challenged to reduce operational energy use. By increasing the use of renewable energy supply and prioritising on-site renewable energy sources the hope it to reduce both harmful carbon emissions and bills.

There is no doubt that being more sustainable comes with a cost. Whether in the form of new build projects or, and far more likely, the refurbishment of existing, yet ageing facilities understanding the necessary capital investment, operational savings and payback periods is going to be key.

Addressing the efficiency of domestic hot water (DHW) systems – whether through the implementation of heat pumps, solar thermal, direct electric water heating or even simple modernisation of existing gas appliances – helps properties meet sustainability goals in a practical and cost-effective manner. It also delivers improved year-round conditions for staff and customers, providing access to spaces better suited to delivering quality hospitality.

For buildings already on gas and that rely on large amounts of DHW – a large proportion of current UK hotels for instance – silent solar preheat is the preferable option. For new build properties, the expectation is for specification to default to a mixture of heat pumps and direct electric afterheat. New system approaches, including prefabricated packaged plant rooms, also provide for better use of the spaces that already exist, without the need to undertake expensive and disruptive building projects. This is especially valid as demands for floorspace for dining as well as additional or larger accommodation space comes at a premium.

Adveco can help achieve emission reduction targets. With more than 50 years of specialised expertise in designing, supplying, and servicing hot water systems to the hospitality and hotel industry, Adveco is the single resource you need for independent expert technical guidance on choosing and developing bespoke sustainable applications today to get you on the right path towards net zero operation.