Bavarian style swing grills are really hot right now. A practical way of cooking large quantities of sausage and steak quickly, it’s no wonder that these awesome grills have fast become Christmas Market and event favourites the world over.


It’s rumoured that this distinctive fire pit style grill originated in South America, before being popularised in Southern Germany – where the worder “Schwenker” originates – and then spreading around the world.The person grilling on a Schwenker grill may also be referred to as a Schwenker, or a Schwenkermeister. COMMERCIAL CHOICE

Mark Coles, Key Account Manager with The Sausage Man, spent some time visiting Xmas events across the UK this winter and reports:“Bavarian Swing Grills are fast becoming the weapon of choice for our commercial customers.They’re open sided, so the people get a great look at the products and cooking process.The cooking smell circulates fantastically across the site, so it’s great at attracting people to your stall.The firepit also keeps your cooking team nice and warm in the winter weather, which is always welcome in temperatures like we’ve been having lately!”


No matter what type of cooking method you use in your outdoor space,The Sausage Man has the products for you. You don’t need a Swinging Schwenker Grill to prepare Sausage Man products, but you can certainly use one.

Jorg Braese, Managing Director of The Sausage Man, had this to say:“Our sausages are extremely versatile. We’ve cooked them in pans, microwaves, ovens, grills, hot dog machines, hot water, deep fryers, barbeques and steamers. Each preparation adds and highlights different flavours.There’s no wrong answer, as the results are always great!”

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