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T-Sticks of London

The humble tea bag has been around forever. Most people encounter them every single day and it would never occur to them that the design could be drastically improved.

The founder was frustrated by the way that it’s nigh-on impossible to use a tea bag without a teaspoon, and even then it’s tricky to avoid drippage.

Finding unique products to show and sell into your client base can be challenging. The company have re-created the humble Tea Bag into something amazing. In fact, they won the 2017 World Beverage Innovation Awards and great taste award in 2018. They’ve packaged up Tea Sticks (yes… not bags), into 10 amazing flavours all colour coded and immaculately presented to deliver a refreshing and visually stunning display; a prelude to the amazing aromas and flavours they contain. The product consists of a foil tube encasing loose tea leaves that infuses when stirred in hot water. Due to its straw-like shape, it effectively acts as container and strainer, all in one. The product outstrips the traditional tea bag for convenience too, as it’s much easier to use when you’re making your cuppa with no spoon, no drips and no mess, well almost!

If you’re looking for a product that stands out from the crowd that gives you another fresh and vibrant approach to your clients and customers these T-Sticks are perfect for your business. The end result is a perfect blend of passion and innovation, creating a high-quality experience for consumers and less mess for staff.

For further information visit T-sticks.co.uk

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