Take a Fresh Look at the UK’s Best-Selling Pork Snacks

Tayto, the UK’s leading supplier of pork snacks1, has announced a refresh of all its brands with new-look packaging plus some exciting new products and formats.

Producing mouth-watering scratchings since 1960, Mr Porky is No. 1 brand, with a 44% share7 and is going from strength to strength, growing at 5.1%YoY*.The new Mr Porky range now comprises of three products:

‘Mr Porky Hand Cooked Scratchings’ – A NEW PRODUCT

With a delicious Great Taste 2 Star award-winning recipe, this new, premium product is hand cooked in small batches to be the ultimate pork scratching! This pack had the highest purchase intent of any pack in the con- sumer research and promises to become a top-seller. Pack sizes and RRP: 65g RRP £1.49 / 40g RRP £1


Previously called ‘Crackles’, the leading scratching in supermarkets has been re-named ‘Scratchings’ in line with consumer feedback, but the unique, triple-cooked recipe is unchanged and packs retain their distinctive gold look. Pack sizes and RRP: 65g RRP £1 / 6pk (6×16.5g) RRP £2


This Great Taste award-winning pork snack has a lighter bite designed to attract new, younger consumers and create new pork snacking occasions. Pork scratchings tend to be consumed in the evening, especially at the weekend, so this lighter eat opens up daytime and on-the-go snacking with- out compromising on the crunch and taste of a scratching. Pack size and RRP: 35g RRP £1

Tayto also boasts another Great Taste 2 Star award winning brand – Midland Snacks – which is delivering outstanding growth at +28% YoY** . The pinnacle of the traditional scratching, this is ultimate pub snack and is Tayto’s best-selling pubcard! These finest quality, traditional pork scratchings are hand cooked to taste as good as they look – with a traditional crunch and flavour that creates that special pub feeling which has stood the test of time.The updated packaging retains a traditional look that showcases this much-loved, artisanal British delicacy.

For those looking for a lighter alternative to a traditional scratching, Tayto’s The Real Pork Co. offers consumers and retailers the opportunity to widen their meat snacking repertoire. By double-cooking the finest rind – by hand – in small batches,The Real Pork Co. has created snacks with all the taste of a scratching but with a lighter texture. Crunch is the lightest eat – a delightfully airy pork puff. Crackling is a modern twist on a scratching but with a lighter, bubbly texture opening up pork snacking to those who are looking for an alternative to a traditional scratching. Both are smothered in a mouth-watering seasoning with no nasties (free from artificial flavours, colours, MSG and gluten).The new-look, premium packaging has been specifically designed to target younger, more affluent consumers who are looking to expand their snacking horizons.


Pork scratchings are synonymous with the pub and really are the ultimate pub snack.With 83% of pork snacks being consumed with a drink4 they are a ‘must stock’ item. Matt explains, “As licensed venues begin to rebuild their trade, maximising the revenue from each customer is vital. Adding a bag of scratchings to a drink can deliver around 50p per transaction – and they are VAT free! To maximise sales, pubcards should be prominently displayed behind the bar and Tayto can also supply bar runners and beer mats to help prompt customers to purchase. Given that space is at a premium in many bars, stick to proven brands such as Mr Porky – the nation’s favourite – and our best-selling pubcard – Midland Snacks Traditional Scratchings.”

The new range will be rolling out across On-trade, all major mults and Convenience over the next few weeks.

The packs may look different, but the terrific taste and quality aren’t changing – that unique taste can be passed on to generations to come!

* IRI Market Place | Total GB | Total Crisps, Snacks & Popcorn | Value | MAT to 170520 |44.4% brand share ** IRI Market Place | Total GB | Total pork Snacks | Value | MAT to 17 May 20