, TEAPY &T41 The All-In-One-Hand Tea ServiceTEAPY® T 4 1 TM provides a better tea experience for your customer at less cost to you.

With the brewing conditions of a teapot but, unlike a teapot enabling your customer to determine their preferred brew strength, the revolutionary TEAPY® T 4 1 TM invent ion has several other unique features With on ly four pieces (TEAPY®, glass or ceramic mug, milk jug and teaspoon), all held in one hand, TEAPY® T 4 1 TM is much quicker to prep, takes a fraction of the space and is quicker to clear and wash up than a conventional teapot service with a minimum of seven pieces (teapot, lid, cup, saucer, teaspoon, milk jug and t ray).

It is much easier to carry without spill ing than tea in an open mug. Acting as a lid, a special recess retains a teaspoon. When lifted and flipped, the same recess docks against the mug for mess-free transfer ofthe used tea bag or loose tea infuser.

TEAPY® T 41TM accommodates all forms of tea and other infusions, enabling the best possible drink, whether table service, counter service or self-service in a restaurant or hotel bedroom.

More details are available at teapy.co.uk

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