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TEC UK – Thermal Energy Components UK Ltd

TEC UK is the leading UK supplier of components for air handling systems. Our highly innovative products make significant contributions toward saving energy recources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Headquartered in Chard, Somerset, we are renowned for our cutting edge technology and superior quality products, which have been manufactured by Klingenburg in Germany for more than three decades. Their dedicated product development and mechanical engineering department enables us to rapidly set new standards.

Our clients value are our custom-made solutions, punctual deliveries and unique production quality. With a wide range of models within each product group, we can offer customer-oriented solutions to both simply and sophisticated requirements in air-conditioning and ventilation technology.

Any heat recovery or humidifying system requires individual planning and design.

Our specialists can design the exact solution you require -for optimal payback and precisely the air humidification you require and moreover with the highest efficiency.

Competently, accountably and fast!

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