As part of the strategy to reopen after the lock down, temperature monitoring of staff is encouraged and highly recommended for customers. It should of course be implemented along with other safety measures recom- mended by the government.

There are many temperature monitoring products now available on the market. However, in the absence of offi- cial guidance, it is difficult to establish which solutions are fit for purpose. Handheld infrared ther-

mometers are notoriously inaccurate and high-end thermal imaging systems can cost a small fortune. offers a practical and effective solution with functionality ideal for both staff and visitors.The product is completely stand-alone, contactless, gives quick read- ings, requires no human intervention at point of test and records the data via secure UK servers.

The temperature monitoring with a works as follows:

– A member of staff or guest stands in front of the tablet

– Temperature check is done in an instant and reading dis- played on the screen

– If a high temperature above 37.5 C is detected, the tablet gives an audible alert and sends an email alert with details of the check

– The data is available to view remotely online through a dashboard.You do not need a staff member standing

around to watch the temperature checks.
– You can have the system configured to log

staff temperature checks with names or employee numbers
– All other public checks are recorded and

displayed on the dashboard with a date time tag / site name / device name and the corresponding temperature readings. is being used by the NHS,TFL, National Grid,Veolia, UK Power Networks, Kautex Textron, National trans- port operators and numerous hospitality sector businesses in the UK and Europe.

All their systems are provided with a 12- month warranty and ongoing technical support.