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Temperature Rises Increase Risks In The Summer Season

With soaring temperatures in the UK, now is a time that many restaurant owners fear.

The risk

Kitchen extraction systems should be compliant with the TR19® Grease specification. Elevated ambient temperature tends to increase the working temperature of extraction ducts making it much more likely that any uncontrolled grease accumulation inside an extraction system could catch alight.

Surprisingly, only a small amount of grease in the extraction system – as little as half the thickness of a standard business card – can be enough.

This significant increase in risk can be a huge worry to those responsible for kitchen extraction systems. Managing Director of Swiftclean, Gary Nicholls, adds:

“The maintenance manager for our largest customer mentioned that prior to him using Swiftclean’s services they always experienced fires in ducts during hot periods, it was always a worry whenever the temperatures soared”.

As the temperature increases during summer, it’s important to ensure that your building is compliant with regulations. Does your building have a kitchen extract system?

We’ve been around for over 40 years and have been instrumental in the development of the industry specification, TR19® Grease, which helps to keep you, your staff and your visitors safe.

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