The pandemic has taught us that information is power. When it comes to testing it has rarely been out of the news. Manufacturers that continued to work during the lockdown on essential goods and services often led the way in adopting testing measures – on their staff.

Temperature testing is recognised as a powerful tool in the employer’s toolbox to assist in preventing the virus potentially wreaking havoc and worse with the work- force and the business.Any person in a manufacturing environment that tests positive for the virus is a person- al tragedy but also will probably result in all colleagues in their workspace self-isolating.

One MD of such a company claimed on a recent webinar that testing staff temperature at the beginning and end of every shift had been helpful to their business, and staff were very comforted by it.To know your work colleagues don’t have one of the major symptoms is com- forting.

Obviously, an instant cheap test for the virus is not yet with us but temperature testing of staff and potentially customers is now being adopted by many large employers too as work- ers return from “Lockdown”.

At a basic level it is easily put in place; getting staff permission to take their temperature has rarely been refused but is essential. If using a handheld device like a “gun” the operator has to wear full PPE. Then the need for clear pro- cedures as to what happens if someone is over temperature – absolutely essential for all involved.The “gun” and the member of staff in PPE is somewhat unfriendly and many compa- nies have moved up a level in their approach to eliminate both.

New equipment allows employees to walk up to a screen – which can welcome them and give them any message for the day.Without contact, the screen will identify the person, take their temperature and create a record for management. It will sound an alarm if the per- son is outside the set temperatures and can remind employees if they need to wear a mask and will allow for masks in the facial recognition. Ford,Amazon,Walmart and others are now running such equipment often linked to their time and attendance software.

Others have introduced such a contactless tempera- ture checking system for customers too.With both face or wrist temperature measuring options temperature testing customers can be reassuring for them as well as for your staff. Some hospitality organisations like Handpicked Hotels are letting their customers know that they will get a temperature check on check-in. Others are advertising the fact their staff are tested.Temperature testing will not in itself defeat the virus, but it is reassuring for all.

The equipment to do so is now available in the UK and many technology companies now offer these services. One such IT support company is TIO, whose Director, Peter Lowe, states that professional temperature testing equipment that is several levels up from the unfriendly “gun” is a new service his company provides with managed installation and user training. “The level of integration is determined by the customer as some prefer a simple plug and play device that can be moved around the business, and it’s fast becoming the new normal for some of our customers.”

Information and details of the different systems with indicative costs can viewed on our website.