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The Average Price Of A Pint Is 60p More Than Brits Think Is Reasonable

The average cost for a pint of beer is 60p more than what pub-goers think is reasonable, according to a survey of more than 40,000 people who were asked what they think is a fair price for the pub favourite, with the national average coming in at £3.00.

The YouGov findings were then matched up with the true average prices across the country, as reported by the Good Pub Guide 2018.

Visitors to London can sometimes be surprised by the eyebrow-raising price of a pint in the capital’s pubs. Londoners venturing outside the south east also often raise their eyebrows when getting a drink, albeit for different reasons, being delighted to receive significant change when buying a beer with a fiver.

YouGov’ survey asked the public what they considered to be a reasonable price for a pint at the pub* and compared the public’s opinion against the average prices of pints across the nation as reported by the Good Pub Guide 2018.**

The results show that national average price that Brits think is “reasonable” to pay for a pint is £3.00 – 60p lower than the usual cost of an actual pint.

The place with the greatest difference between perception and reality is in Surrey. At £4.40, the county has the most expensive pints in the county, however Surrians think the average reasonable price for a pint is £3.36 – more than a pound lower.

By contrast, the place with the smallest difference is Herefordshire. Here the average pint will set you back £3.31, only 30p more than the average reasonable price. (In Yorkshire, the other area with the joint-cheapest pints, the difference is 47p).***

While Herefordians and Yorkshiremen might have the cheapest pints, it is the residents of Northumbria and Lancashire that have the cheapest expectations. In both of these areas the average perceived “reasonable” price for a pint is just £2.80.

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